Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I hunt with you?

  • Randy Butler's 35 years of hunting experience.
  • Hunting is his passion!
  • You want to give yourself the best possible opportunity at a Northern Giant Whitetail Buck!
  • Safari's North Outfitters is no fly-by-night outfitter! Proof is in the pictures => Trail Cam Galleries and Trophy Whitetail Deer Galleries
  • Just read what our customers have to say about hunting with Randy and Safari's North Outfitters. CLICK HERE => Customer Reviews
  • And when Randy isn't hunting, he's fishing. He runs a world class sportfishing charter business out of Virginia Beach, VA Rebel Sportfishing

Is there internet service?

Yes, the lodge has internet access.

Is there cell phone service?

Yes, there is cell phone service at the lodge and at most stand locations.

When should I arrive for my hunt?

Anytime after 11 am the day before your scheduled hunt. Most of our hunters fly into either the Edmonton or Saskatoon International Airport on the Saturday preceding the hunt and drive to camp on Sunday to get settled and sight in their rifles. (It is recommended that you arrive one day early in case of lost or late luggage arrivals.)

When do I leave after my hunt?

Hunters leave after breakfast the morning after the last day of the hunt.

Can my deposit be refunded?

If you have a personal or immediate family medical emergency, your deposit can be rolled over on a hunt for the following year.

What's the legal dress code while hunting?

All rifle hunters must dress in a solid red, orange or white jacket with a solid red or orange hat is also required. Bow hunters may wear camouflage.

When should I transport rifles and ammo?

When flying, removed the bolt from your rifles and carry your ammo separate from the firearm. While transporting from camp to hunting area, your rifle must be carried in a soft case with no ammo in chamber or clip.

Can I sight in my rifle or bow before the hunt?

Yes, we have a shooting range for rifles and bows at our lodge. We require that all hunters shoot their weapons before going into the field.

Can I take my meat home?

We can cut pack and freeze your meat for transport home, check airlines for weight restrictions and extra charges.

How are capes and horns handled for shipping?

After we skin your deer, the cape will be frozen and horns cleaned. Then they are ready to be boxed and shipped?

What you'll need to bring?

  • Passport
  • Rifle or bow
  • Soft case for rifle or bow for transport firearm to and from stand
  • Binoculars
  • Shooting sticks for rifle
  • Safety harness for bow hunting
  • Video Camera
  • Flashlight
  • Thermos
  • Hand warmers & Boot warmers
  • Red or orange hat
  • Orange or white jacket
  • Backpack
  • Heavy jacket
  • Fleece or wool pants
  • Warm sweater
  • Long underwear
  • Light socks
  • Heavy socks
  • Insulated gloves
  • Felt lined insulated boots
  • Toiletries
  • Medications

Do we provide airport pickup?

No, we do not.

Where can I rent a vehicle to drive to camp?

Where can I stay in Edmonton?

Links to hotels close to airport

Where can I stay in Saskatoon?

Links to a few hotels

How much does a hunt cost?

Please see our Services & Rates page.

What does the hunting fee include?

All of our hunts are 6 days. You'll arrive on Sunday and your hunt begins on Monday. Your last full day of hunting is on Saturday. Hunters leave on Sunday after breakfast.

Lodging, meals, guide fee. We'll provide all bed linens and towels.